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3 Reasons Why You Don’t Feel Sexy (That Have Nothing to Do With How You Look)

Are you frustrated by your own lack of enthusiasm for sex? Do you find yourself looking at other women and think, “I could never be like that”? Do you struggle with feeling sexy when you're with your partner? 

Society and our culture present an idea of what it means to be wanted and desired in a sexual way. This is seriously messing with your head! It’s important to be aware of the fallacies in our own mind about what sexiness is if you want to feel it yourself.

Here are 3 reasons you don't feel sexy that have nothing to do with the way you look AND what you can do to overcome these unfortunate and destructive beliefs. The first step to changing is acknowledging the problem. If you want to feel sexier and more confident, you will need to be authentic with yourself and aware when these self defeating beliefs pop up.


1. You Are Doing Everything for Your Partner Without Considering What Turns You On.

“If HE is turned on then I'm turned on”...

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