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How to Talk to Your Child About Sex and Virginity (In the Way You Wished Your Parents Had For You)!

One of the first things I do when people learn that I’m a sexual wellness coach is ask them how their parents gave them “The Talk”.

Why? Because nine times out of ten, it’s explained and finished with a face palm.

Everyone seems to feel like their parents did a pretty crappy job of educating them on what really is one of life’s most important topics.

Usually, I hear, “My mom tossed a book at me and told me not to get pregnant” or “My parents assumed I learned about in school and only once *very awkwardly* asked if I had any questions. I had already been having sex with my boyfriend for a year so I said no.” 

Most women are only taught proper names for body parts in school and have a hard time saying the word vulva, instead preferring to call the entirety of female genitalia “the vagina”, or worse, “down there”.

**NOTE: your vagina is inside of you. By referring to all of genitalia by the only part...

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