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I'm a pretty private person when it comes to my relationship with my husband and our sex life. As such, I was fairly reluctant to get on the call with Amanda and open up to her. But I'm so glad I did - Amanda is both welcoming and disarming, which made it very easy for me to open up to her. And in turn, she provided me with new perspectives and ideas that I was able to use to strengthen my relationship.


Amanda was easy to talk to and she made me feel comfortable. I loved the fact I could be open. She gave me great ideas to implement before we finished our call. Guess what: those ideas are working! If you need advice or need to just have a conversation with someone who gets it, schedule a call with Amanda. You won’t regret it!


What I appreciate most about Amanda’s coaching was her patience. She did not push in any one direction, rather gently probing and then waiting to let me come to my own conclusions. I also really value her open-minded accepting nature. I never felt judged or self-conscious.


Some people listen and others really hear you. Amanda hears! And also intuitively picks up on what’s not said. It’s impressive how much she can cover and resolve in an hour. Specifically on the intimacy side, Amanda uncovered something for me that no one had figured out in the past. She takes a topic like relationships/sex/love and with ease, makes it the easiest and most comfortable thing you’ll ever talk about. 
Amanda is the super smart, caring, bold, insightful soul sister everyone deserves to have. I absolutely adore her and love her guidance in my overall life. Every conversation will leave you empowered, with the correct positive action to take and a feeling of content, like 'I got this!' Everyone should be so lucky to coach with Amanda!


Amanda has a bright, lighthearted spirit and an incredible passion for helping people, which provides a warm and inviting environment for you to express feelings, concerns, and desires that you may otherwise be holding back.  She has both a wide array of knowledge and great suggestions to help you work through challenges you may be facing.  
Implementing some of the ideas she gave me and utilizing a different approach to certain situations was easier than I thought and has been so beneficial for me.  For anyone who is seeking some judgement-free guidance and encouragement to explore more of their authentic selves, please reach out and set up a call.  You will be so glad you did!


Coaching with Amanda is both enlightening and refreshing. She has the ability to put you immediately at ease while at the same time challenging you to explore blind spots. 
When talking about intimacy and relationships you need someone who is both insightful and intuitive. Amanda is both. She provided me with simple action steps  that immediately made a difference in my relationship with my husband. 
I look forward to continuing work with Amanda and learning from her not only for the strength of my marriage but to develop my ability to have honest and healthy conversations about love, sex and relationships with my kids.
If you have been thinking about booking a call with Amanda, don't wait!


Talking with Amanda was like getting a deep tissue massage for my soul. I would often enter a coaching session wound up as tight as a knot, heavy with anxiety or worry. She would hear it in my voice, coach me through a gentle practice of unwinding myself, and then help me access and identify what I was really feeling and why.  
I not only felt lighter, looser, and more in control by the end of the call, but during our time working together Amanda taught me how to coach myself through difficult moments so that I would always have access to that feeling of stillness and calm that she helped me to find.


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