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How to Talk to Your Child About Sex and Virginity (In the Way You Wished Your Parents Had For You)!

One of the first things I do when people learn that I’m a sexual wellness coach is ask them how their parents gave them “The Talk”.

Why? Because nine times out of ten, it’s explained and finished with a face palm.

Everyone seems to feel like their parents did a pretty crappy job of educating them on what really is one of life’s most important topics.

Usually, I hear, “My mom tossed a book at me and told me not to get pregnant” or “My parents assumed I learned about in school and only once *very awkwardly* asked if I had any questions. I had already been having sex with my boyfriend for a year so I said no.” 

Most women are only taught proper names for body parts in school and have a hard time saying the word vulva, instead preferring to call the entirety of female genitalia “the vagina”, or worse, “down there”.

**NOTE: your vagina is inside of you. By referring to all of genitalia by the only part...

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Stop Saying ‘Yes’ to Things You Don’t Like In Bed (and Everywhere Else)!

Do you feel like your partner/spouse “hounds” you for sex even when you aren’t in the mood? 

Is it easier just to “give in” than tell them how you feel?

Maybe you feel that saying yes is easier than having to deal with guilt or negative behavior from your partner after turning them down. They give you the quiet treatment or act resentful. Maybe they withdraw or withhold all you just go along with it...begrudgingly. 

Sound familiar?

You’re playing with fire. The resentment will build and grow, and you will want sex less and less. (Yes, it’s possible to want sex even LESS than you do right now.)

What will your relationship look like next year, in a few years, if this pattern continues?

Are you going to give in forever, even when it doesn’t satisfy you?

When are you going to be fulfilled?!

Our marriages and relationships suffer because we don’t allow ourselves to acknowledge what brings us pleasure out of...

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3 Reasons Why You Don’t Feel Sexy (That Have Nothing to Do With How You Look)

Are you frustrated by your own lack of enthusiasm for sex? Do you find yourself looking at other women and think, “I could never be like that”? Do you struggle with feeling sexy when you're with your partner? 

Society and our culture present an idea of what it means to be wanted and desired in a sexual way. This is seriously messing with your head! It’s important to be aware of the fallacies in our own mind about what sexiness is if you want to feel it yourself.

Here are 3 reasons you don't feel sexy that have nothing to do with the way you look AND what you can do to overcome these unfortunate and destructive beliefs. The first step to changing is acknowledging the problem. If you want to feel sexier and more confident, you will need to be authentic with yourself and aware when these self defeating beliefs pop up.


1. You Are Doing Everything for Your Partner Without Considering What Turns You On.

“If HE is turned on then I'm turned on”...

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