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Fitness Training and Sex Coaching: Finding A Career in My Hobbies

Tell me everything… it can only help.

“My vibrator stopped working.”

This is what my personal training client told me this morning as she finished her second set of squats.

“Wow, girl! You use it so much that it broke?! Or do you mean it just needs to be charged?”

“No,” she said. “It’s not *doing it* me anymore.”

“Well, let’s move on to shoulder presses and you can tell me what’s going on that’s keeping you from getting that *O*. Whatever it is could also be affecting your workout today. We might need to schedule a different kind of session. Grab your dumbbells.”

I hate sweating.

When I became involved in fitness, it was because I accidentally fell in love with it after having children. I was never on any sports team or in dance classes as a child. My family couldn’t afford those activities and I was no fan of team competition. I never worked out as a young woman. Even though I was genetically thin, I hated physical exertion. In fact, I despised “struggling” in front of people and feeling weak; that’s how I used to perceive fitness. But I knew that exercise was a crucial (and absent) component of my overall health as an adult.

Like many women, I didn’t recognize myself after having children. I went to my local YMCA and found myself flourishing during group exercise classes despite the physical discomfort of becoming fit. I loved chatting with and casually (or enthusiastically) encouraging the people working around me to enjoy themselves. The fitness director approached me to become certified as an instructor and then a trainer because of my natural ability to connect with my peers.

Personal training led to life coaching, and that led to sex coaching as I realized that empowering people to face their challenges (in the gym or in the bedroom) is my life’s passion. Looking back, it all feels seamless. I’ve come to realize that when you love what you do and you’re excited about what’s possible, “work” doesn’t need to feel like work

Excerpt from my blog of the same name posted in Sex Matters Magazine by Sex Coach U on Click Here to read the entire article

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